Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Divorce: Stipulations are NOT binding on the Court—Arbitration of child custody disputes is against public policy.

Bryner v. Bryner, 2009 UT App. 217, (Utah Court of Appeals, August 6, 2009).
The parties reached a stipulation. However, neither the parties nor the mediator put the agreement in writing. Later the parties did not agree to the content of the stipulation. Parties filed cross motions to enforce their respective versions of the agreement. At the hearing, the parties reached a number of agreements, including joint-custody and to arbitrate future custody issues. After the hearing, but prior to final judgment, Father obtained and ex parte civil stalking injunction against Mother. Because of the injunction, the court ruled that it “could not determine the advisability of enforcing the parties’ stipulation.” Additionally, substituting an arbitrator for the district court was against public policy. As a result, the district court awarded mother sole legal custody and joint physical custody to the parties and omitted the arbitration clause.
Father appealed. Father’s brief focused on omitting the arbitration clause, and argued that if part of the stipulation was not adopted the entire stipulation must be rejected. Father never raised this issue at the district court level. First, because Father failed to preserve the issue the Court affirmed the trial court. Second, even if Father had preserved the issue, the appeal failed on the merits. The Court found that the district court has discretion to adopt some or all of the stipulation. Stipulations are not binding on the court and can enforce portions that are fair and reasonable.

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