Wednesday, January 27, 2010

One Year Anniversary

This blawg is now one year old and contains all the family law decisions from the Utah Appellate Court and Utah Supreme Court.

It has been a long year and we have lost some dear friends in our legal community.  It would be inappropriate for me to review the last year without recognizing their passing.  I am speaking in with regard to Nyal Bodily and Craig Snyder.

I hold both Nyal and Craig out as my examples and men I consider mentors.  Nyal’s example exhibits that one can be of high moral character while advocating for his client.  Craig’s example exhibits that old dogs can learn new tricks, and he can certainly teach a few.  My hope for myself and for others in our family law community can emulate the good characteristic exhibited by Nyal and Craig.  Our condolences are with their families, but our memories are good and supported by the eternal public record, both exhibit that Craig and Nyal are as good as any and better than most.

We move forward, and I will continue to supply the summaries as the cases become available and I appreciate your comments.

Thanks for reading.

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