Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Remarriage Does Not Bar Retroactive Alimony

Ostermiller v. Ostermiller, 2010 UT 43, (Utah Supreme Court May 28, 2010).

In the final order of the District Court, Husband was ordered to pay retroactive alimony to Wife even though she had remarried by the time the award was made.  The district court also denied Wife a portion of the rental income acquired during separation, and denied Father child support during the temporary separation.  Both appealed to the Utah Court of Appeals.  The court of appeals affirmed the denial of the rental payments and the child support for failure to marshal.  The court of appeals also reversed the award of retroactive alimony because wife was remarried when the award was made.  Both parties requested certiorari to the Supreme Court
The Supreme Court Reversed the court of appeals and found that remarriage does not bar a retroactive alimony award.  Further, it affirmed the court of appeals denial of wife’s claim for rental income because of her failure to marshal.  Lastly, the Court Reversed and Remanded husband’s child support claims, because the hearing in which the district court ruled on his child support claim was not the type of hearing where a transcript is made nor would such a transcript be helpful to deciding the issue of child support.

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