Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Child Welfare: Court Cannot Reduce a Parent's Parent-Time at Review Hearing if Parent Objects Prior to the End of the Hearing

E.D. v. State of Utah, 2013 UT App 162  Utah Court of Appeals Court June 27, 2013

Father appeared at review hear at which the court awarded custody of the parties' minor child to Mother.  Father objected at the very end of the hearing and requested an evidentiary hearing.  The Court denied the motion. Father appealed.

The Court of Appeals found that Father's objection was timely under U.C.A section 78A-6-1103 and that based on his objection he was entitled an evidentiary hearing.  However, on appeal, Father failed to demonstrate that if an evidentiary hearing had been held, that he would have obtained a different result.  Because he failed to demonstrate prejudice, the Court of Appeals found this to be harmless error and chose not to reverse the trial court.

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